We are meg & Rod

Beauty can be found in the smallest moments, the air we breathe, the salt on our skin after the beach or the rough bark on an ancient tree. Our lives are made up of a series of small moments coming together to create one wonderful existence which is only ours to live! The chances of us being born are 1 in 400 trillion, so the odds of us being on this planet boil down to about zero, which makes this life an incredibly special one.

We are Meg and Rod, daydreamers living each day with open eyes and a new awareness from our travels. We truly believe that our time spent on the road has opened our hearts and minds and we are so excited to create a life we love.

With a camera in hand we explore, keeping a visual diary from the path our feet wander. Rod has a passion for the technicalities of photography while Meg loves to style and design the shot. Together we love to photograph and produce content that aligns with our beliefs to live sustainably. We dreamt up Drawn with Light to connect with those doing inspiring things in ethical business and to visually capture their story. Our business is built on 'Conscious Connection' and each new relationship formed is very special to us. We collaborate with each designer to photograph their brand narrative and give them the gift of a moment in time. When you create with us, you join our adventure and you become a valued member of our sustainable community! 



“Honestly for me, it was just your energy and beautiful smiling faces. I loved that you were a couple team and knew you’d create magic. Also loved how much you embrace the outdoors and sense of adventure in your shots.”