08 - 05 - 2021

Clouds rolled in over the horizon, an ominous sight on the morning of Saturday the 8th. A May wedding in Victoria merits a little more planning, daylight savings has ended, the air has a nip to it and rain is often forecast. On this day though nothing could dampen the mood, a buzz was in the air and every bit of preparation that could be done had been. Whatever the weather was planning, we were ready and Georgie and Leigh were about to be married.

The wedding party stayed at Yering Gorge Cottages, each beautifully styled, with a homely feel which created a relaxed energy. This section of the day always feels extra special as you are surrounded by people who have known each other for years, family and friends who have bonds going back as far as birth. Nothing feel staged, but rather candid moments flow from one minute to the next and we often catch the whole party giggling uncontrollably. This morning was no different, the warmth, joy and close knit feeling in this group had us just as giddy for the day ahead!

The clouds held till right after the ceremony at gorgeous Coombe, allowing just a few drops to fall, the groomsmen made it despite the bus breaking down and through it all everyone smiled! There was so much joy in the air, a feeling that this day was meant to happen as soon as these two met! We feel incredibly grateful to have been asked to play a small role in this couples love story, to witness their unique bond, the glances which only they understand and the beginning of a new chapter. May this shared road bring you love, understanding and a deeper connection than you have both felt before!