The Sunday Coast

A lot goes into a campaign and from the moment we book a client in we are planning. Everyones journey is unique and as such we individually craft each story to reflect this. To visually represent what has been created in detail, all while producing something special for a business. In the initial stage we work closely with the designer to brainstorm, mood board and develop a concept which aligns with who they are. For us this step is so important as it ensures we are all on the same page and certain expectations are set. Clear communication has always been a vital link between us and a brand as it serves as a bridge in our online world.

"Our mission is to create functional & beautiful products to accompany any adventure whilst giving back to our planet. We hope to fuel a movement that celebrates the everyday adventurer; and in turn, encourages everyone to get outside and support the beautiful world in which we live."

For The Sunday Coast we wanted to create something which demonstrated the versatility of their rugs. Wherever you may be, never be without something to sit on or to keep you warm. "Our throw rugs are the perfect multi purpose product to keep you comfortable outdoors in the sunshine as well as cosy in the evenings while cuddled up around a campfire." These products have been designed to be functional, so we wanted to visually portray them in an array of settings. To style them inside, wrapped up in them in nature as the sun dips below the horizon and by the ocean. Because every day can be an adventure wether we are out and about or simply sharing a glass of wine on a rainy Friday afternoon indoors. It's up to us to create moments which feel that little bit more special in every day life!

To achieve this concept we chose three locations where we could style, create and bring our vision to life. Location scouting is the second step in our process and involves reaching out to other business to collaborate with. As our idea included inside content we started looking for possible Airbnb options and stumbled on the gorgeous Into the woods, Palmwoods. Into the Woods is a stylish, one bedroom couple's cottage on a lush 6.5 acres property in Palmwoods and has a pretty great backstory. This property was once a pineapple farm owned by a buddhist and is a space which had us excited as soon as we spotted it. Not only have owners Esther and Joost given this space an amazing make over they have thought of so many little details which provided a gorgeous space to create in! As well as a beautiful interior, outside you will find a pizza oven, outdoor bath and a gorgeous dam where we watched reflections played as the sun set.

We finished the shoot with a beach trip to Coolum. Here we created a picnic scene and rugs wrapped around shoulders on the shoreline. As The Sunday Coast was founded on adventure and encouraging others to explore outside it was important to capture their rugs in nature. "We are the adventure makers, the beach dazers, the moon gazers, the slow paced, picnic loving, deep-thought conversational cravers. We are the ones who love to jump in the car & escape the cramped city life at any chance. And thus The Sunday Coast was formed."

The Sunday Coast was created by a group of environmentally minded individuals who believe in supporting our natural world through conservation and restoration. They have teamed up with Eden Projects to further reforestation work in developing countries and you can check out their individual contribution here, which is pretty incredible! We feel so grateful to be able to help mindful businesses that are founded on a conscious mindset and are striving to do better in business and life. Thank you Josh for trusting us to bring this concept to life and being a part of our journey for years.

Special mention to Mason Hats for joining this shoot and to Eli Lerner for capturing videography content, as well as modelling. As with every shoot it is a team effort and we are so blessed to meet so many talented, passionate people through our business.