Everyone's love story is different, they are unique in so many ways, details which one only learns over a period of time. That's why we want to chat about why we think it is important to hire a photography team when planning your special day. A team which includes two people, a photographer and a producer. You will have someone on the day to give you direction when needed and will also have a second photographer for those crucial moments. From our years of experience in the industry there is nothing more disorientating than when there is no order to a photoshoot, it creates confusion and often distrust in a client. Of course a wedding is a little different to a photoshoot, but the preparation and organisation prior and on the day is similar. We have compiled several points when choosing a team and how having a producer there on the day is beneficial.

Firstly, what is a producer and why is their role important.

As a little refresher a producer is: 'a person responsible for the artistic direction of a play, including interpretation of the script, preparation of the actors, and overall design.' Now in our case this is a little different with the producer being the person within the team that overseas the curation of the timeline for the day, ensuring the team is where they need to be at all times as well as creatively directing as the day unfolds. It may all feel like a lot, but let us explain. From booking to the wedding day there is a lot to plan, where each party will be getting ready and curating a timeline which allows enough time to capture each detail as it happens. Think of the producer as your personal assistant, the one carrying flowers, picking up your dress train, keeping time and making sure things run as smoothly as possible. Of course there will always be unforeseen hiccups, but their role is there to manage these as they arise and keep everyone smiling and champagne on hand! This is why we believe it is important to have a team which includes this service as you will always have someone to turn to on your day to ask the time, prompt your memory of what's happening next and to have your back when everything is feeling a little overwhelming.

They are your personal assistant

Even with all the prior planning there is always a little chaos that can occur on your day, but with a producer this becomes ordered chaos. It's not uncommon to arrive to where the groomsmen are getting ready and find half the party in undies and the other half eating breakfast, it's the amusing difference between the two bridal parties on a wedding day. It's then the producers job to wrangle everyone, find the important accessories and get the group ready for those special moments with the groom. This role continues throughout the day as they run around getting drinks for everyone, carrying the veil or grabbing the photographers attention when a spontaneous moment is happening which they know a couple will cherish.

A second shooter

Having a producer on your wedding day will also often mean you have a second photographer. There will be someone else there to capture everything from a second angle, to photograph the people witnessing you get married and the reactions of those close to you. We truly believe that when there are two people you get the best imagery from your day, the little looks from flower girls, the shy glances from babies and the happy interactions between those people that matter most to a couple.

They are the ultimate woo girl

Last, but potentially most importantly they will be the ultimate woo girl all day. They are there in the morning lifting the energy and ready with the champagne to celebrate right after 'I do.' The energy on a wedding day is always filled with joy, but it never hurts to have someone there who will lift this spirit even higher, help calm any nerves and be someone to turn to when unsure of how to pose or what's planned next.