We are so proud to align with so many thoughtful businesses, people who truly care about the environment and the future of our planet. There is nothing fast about how these souls create, they mindfully work with materials and lovingly craft their products to compliment the lifestyle they have chosen to tread. Join us as we photograph these brands and take them along on our adventures.

Aurelius Leather joined our adventure when we moved to Queensland in July of 2021. This Australian business aims to "deliver a unique and personalised range of leather bags and totes which make a difference, inspire travel and adventure and one day can be handed down from one generation to the next." Using leathers which are sourced from tanners dating back to British era and keeping the handmade traditions alive. Not only is every care taken in the design process, but the team is made up of a close knit family who ensure every detail is maintained and handmade with love. Every month we plan a photoshoot with founder Sharm, to bring a new product to life or create imagery for his core range of beautiful bags. This latest series is from our trip to the Scenic Rim with Horizon Adventure Co.